St Mary’s Church

The Parish Church Dedicated to St Mary The Virgin is thought to have been built in the early 1100’s although thPhotograph (7)ere may have been an Anglo-Saxon Church of an earlier Date.

Two hundred years after it was built, the chancel was extended eastwards and in the following century the nave was extended westwards. It was in this latter period that the tower would have been built.

The walls were built of flint and rubble construction and a careful look at the surface of the exterior of the church shows the change from one period to another. The Normans would have used whole flints whereas the later builders faced their work with knap or half flints.

The building has undergone many changes and repairs over the years, including the building of a vestry to the south of the church in the latter part of the 19th century. The tiled roof was replaced and the exterior flintwork has also been repointed.

The Bells of St Marys consist of three bells which are housed in the bell room in the top of the tower. The Tenor bell has these words “Thomas Bartlett made this bell 1628” together with the founders mark. The second bell is 30in, in diameter with the words Lester & Pack of London, Fecit, 1763. The Treble bell is the third and smallest of the bells with the wording “RE 1694 WR” was replaced in 1933 “Recast by Gillet & Johnston, Croydon , 1933.”

Photograph (13)A major change was made in the mid 20th century when the pews, choir stalls, pulpit rood screen and baptism font were removed to make way for an open area to cater for an increasing number of children’s activities.