The death of someone you love deeply is a hugely devastating experience and it is not possible to say all that could be said to help, on a single webpage!

If you are looking at this page, is likely that one of the following 3 sections will be relevant to you.

Organising a Funeral

Sometimes families or the deceased (if they made their wishes known beforehand) would like to have a funeral service at St Mary’s or Emmanuel or to have the Rector from Chadwell St Mary take a service at a local crematorium. This is usually possible. When it comes to organising the funeral with a Funeral Director, please make your wishes known to them and they shall contact me.

Questions and yet more questions

When someone loses a loved one, it not unusual for part of the grieving process to throw up questions. We all know death is a reality, but when faced with it we often ask ‘Why?’. If you would like to chat about this and other questions, please contact the Rector.


Sometimes in losing a loved one, we recognise in a new way our need for support that is beyond ourselves. One of the way’s that God reveals his love and support is through his people, the church. Now might be a great time, to come along to a service on a Sunday morning and to start to experience for yourself God’s love for you. You’d be very welcome.