Emmanuel Church

The Birth of a Church

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When The Reverend Allan Sirman came to Chadwell St Mary in 1965 (1965 – 1975) he had an idea of building a church in the northern end of the Parish.

The existing site in Sleepers Farm Road was not the original site to be considered there was the possibility of land being available in the area of Defoe Parade. With the development of the estate including Godman Road and the building of the three blocks of flats (Poole House, Gooderham House and George Tilbury House,) the decision to build on the corner of Sleepers Farm Road was made. The land at that time was occupied by Laings, who were building the three blocks of flats in Chadwell and their centeen was on the site

Rev’d Sirman negotiated with Laings to enable the Church to use the works canteen on a Sunday as a place of worship. Therefore the first place of worship was a works canteen where the Sunday services, which included Holy Communion and Baptisms, were held.

The building of Emmanuel Church was carried out and the stone laying was carried out by the Ven. W.A.Welch, Archdeacon of Sothend on the 2nd March 1968.

The Rev’d Peter Turner came to Chadwell St Mary in 1966 as Curate (1966 – 1969) and the church continued to grow in numbers. When Rev.d Frank Allred came to Chadwell in 1975 he introduced a uniformed group of Campainers into the church to provide further activities for the growing number of young people within the Church. With the need to provide more room at Emmanuel it was decided to build an extension to Emmanuel Church therefore making the hall next to the Rectory redundant and it was sold to a playgroup.

Over the following years various other developments and alterations have taken place including removing the flat roof on the Church and replacing it with a pitched roof, and the refurbishment of the kitchen to provide the Lunch Club, to encourage non church members into the building in a relaxed atmosphere.