Growth Groups

What are Growth Groups and why bother?Growth Groups

Our loving heavenly Father longs for his people to grow more like Jesus day by day. Ever since the early church got going, Christians have found it helpful to meet together in small groups to be church together more closely than is possible on a Sunday morning. This is to grow individually and together in their faith.

Growth Groups are our way of trying to enable this growing to take place.

Being part of a Growth Group will mean….

  • time to be together
  • time to read, discuss and dig into the Bible together
  • time to pray together

…ultimately, along with 6 to 10 other church family members, it is a time to GROW.

Many Christians tell of how God has worked in their lives most as they’ve gotten to grips with God’s Word together with others.

When & Where

Growth Groups are usually available at a couple of different times during a normal week.


However for a number of reasons they not currently happening and we hope to restart them soon.