As a church, we want to help each other individually and as a church family to pray together.

Sharing Prayer PointsPrayer

Lots of items for prayer are shared between people in our church family on an informal basis as people chat to each other after a service on Sunday or bump into during the week.

We also have something called ‘Prayer Link‘. This is our way to efficiently share prayer requests (and items for thanks and praise) around everyone who is part of Prayer Link in our church family. More details can be found here.

At St Mary’s and Emmanuel churches we also have a Prayer Tree. Items for prayer can be written on a label and hung on the prayer tree. Once a month these will be taken down and prayed for at our church monthly prayer meeting.

Praying Together

Once a month, there are a couple of opportunities to pray together with other members of our church family at ‘Prayer Works‘. The prayer meeting lasts about an hour and involves sharing various things to pray for and then most importantly of all, actually praying. We also share a meal together either before or after we have prayed.

Prayer Works usually takes place on the first Thursday in a month at 11.00am and 7.00pm. Check the church calendar here for exact dates, times and locations!

Praying in everyday life

Most importantly of all, prayer is not just for when we’re in church or with other Christians. Our heavenly Father loves to hear our prayers wherever we are and just as importantly he loves to use and answer our prayers to further the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, in your own life, in our communities, in our world.