Looking into Christianity

If you just want to find out what Christians believe, then we want to help you. One of our Sunday meetings is a good place to start because each week the talk from the Bible will help you to understand some thing of the Christian faith.

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However, the best thing to do would be to join ‘Christianity Explored’.

Christianity Explored provides a friendly, relaxed environment in which to explore and discuss more about who Jesus was, why he came and what it means to follow him, as well as to ask any question you like. You won’t have to sing, pray or read aloud. You can ask any question you like – or just listen. And it’s completely free.

We run the course from time to time here in Chadwell St Mary. We’re not sure when our next course will start but if you’re interested please do express interest below and we’ll be in touch soon.you?

For more information or to let us  know that you plan to come, please contact here.

The following website explains clearly and briefly what makes a person a Christian, 2 Ways to Live.